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    How do I get

    Get Keys

    Keys unlock chests in Treasure Hunter - chests unlock rewards!
    Unlock Chests

    Every chest contains an item of unique value, from common to rare
    Get Rewards!

    Get your hands on powerful items, Money, XP and more!


    How do I get

    Earned Keys

    Keys can be earned through activities in-game, such as monster drops and quests
    Daily Keys
    Every free-to-play player receives 1 free daily key each day and donators double up and receive 2 every day!
    Purchased Keys
    You can top up on Keys any time, with a range of bundles available to purchase

    Don't miss out - grab your keys and get hunting!

    /kit daily [Non-Donors]
    /kit dailydonor [Donors]
    /warp crates to open use your keys
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