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Discussion in 'Report Staff' started by Elkoy, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Before making a staff report, you MUST have attempted to resolve the issue with the staff member in a separate conversation apart from public discussion or ban appeals.

    False reports and/or evidence to get a Staff Member demoted are punishable.

    You MUST be respectful in your report. If you fail to be polite, the report will be immediately denied.

    Use this template when creating a staff report.

    Your In-Game Name:
    Staff Name:
    Rule Broken:
    Outline of Events:
    Screenshots of Evidence:
    Screenshots of Attempt to Resolve Issue:
    Desired Outcome:
    Link to Denied Appeal (If Available):
    Remember to follow these guidelines when making a report.

    • Evidence must consist of full, uncropped screenshots detailing the occurrence that is relevant to the accusation. Evidence cannot be older than 2 weeks, and it must be from the Elkoy Forums, Discord or Server. Evidence from elsewhere is not acceptable.
    • You must make an attempt to resolve the issue in a separate conversation and provide screenshots of the attempt made to resolve the issue. The full conversation must be presented.
    • You must present a full outline of events from your perspective.
    • You must have a denied appeal relating to the punishment given unless the report is not to do with being punished.
Thread Status:
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