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    Hey everyone,

    Today I'm posting a little bit of information on what we've been working on for Elkoy. As a whole, every web aspect of the network will be improved. We will be updating our store and forums even more within the coming months and making cool features for our awesome community.

    Server Updates:

    Creative - We are still in the progress of building our creative server. We are looking to release within this week if everything goes to plan.

    Skyblock - We'd like the community to build this server for us. Tell us what you want and we'll get it done.

    Survival - I personally will still be working on Survival as much as I can. I have a few more quests being released in the next few days. Again, I do need suggestions on what I need to add/improve.

    We will be focusing on these servers for now and growing a playerbase for each. This means we will not be releasing anymore servers until we reach a certain playerbase.

    Old Forums:

    If you have submitted a staff application on the old forums, please copy and paste it over to the new so we can take another look.

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