1.13.2 Creative Release!

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    The time has come and we have finally released our Creative Server!

    Some key features:
    200x200 Plots
    BuildBattle Minigame

    Introducing BuildBattle
    is a building styled minigame where players have to build something relevant to specified theme for a certain amount of time. Players can choose to play solo mode, or team mode to team up with other players or friends. When building time is over, all players will vote for the best build in the game. Player(s) with most vote points is(are) the winner(s)!

    Ranking Up

    There are 3 ranks you can purchase in-game. Each rank requires money earned from the BuildBattle Minigame.
    First Rank: 10 Wins
    Second Rank: 25 Wins
    Third Rank: 50 Wins
    These ranks give you access to extra plots.

    More features will be added in the coming days!

    Hope to see you there!
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